Authors: M. Patoine et J.P. Fortin
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Published in: CBE Journal » CBE Journal Volume 34 (1992)

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Description: Amicro-computer model for irrigation management iscalibrated using soil moisture measurements at sites in Quebec, on which potatoes or strawberries are growing. Astudy ofthe structure ofthe model has lead to the modification of various components, the estimation of the drying coefficient in particular, inorder to take the soil type into account. Further, an analysis ofthe change in the model output resulting from a change in the values of its parameters has allowed identification of the parameters to calibrate. The model is very sensitive to changes to the base cultural coefficient (Kco) and the water content at field capacity (Wcc). Kco values obtained after calibration of the model are lower than those presented in the litera ture, except for potatoes after full coverage of the soil surface. Adjustment ofparameter values by trial and error leads to estimated moisture deficits over or under the measured values by a small amount and within the limitsof the confidenceintervals, for all sites forwhich simulations arepresented. More over, thestandard errorof estimate at all sitesbetweenthe estimatedandthe measured moisture deficits is smallerthan 8 mm, the error being higher than 5 mmfor potato sites and lower than 4mm for strawberry sites. The model, in its modified version, seems to be very interesting for irrigation scheduling. However, further tests with other data sets would bevery useful to assessits real potential as a forecasting tool.

Citation: M. Patoine et J.P. Fortin 1992. ADJUSTEMENT D'UN MODELE INFORMATISE DE GESTION DE L'IRRIGATION. Canadian Agricultural Engineering 34(4):305-317.
Volume: 34
Issue: 3
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Date: 1992
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