CBE Journal Volume 31 (1989)

A trailer-mounted PTO torquemeter system
Authors: C. Vigneault, G. St. Amour, D.J. Buckley, D.I. Masse, P. Savoie, and D. Tremblay
Format: PDF
A vertical lift digger for harvesting potatoes
Authors: C.D. McLeod, G.C. Misener, and J.R. Caissie
Format: PDF
Air quality in pullet barns
Authors: C.R. Glennon, J.B. McQuitty, P.C. Clark, and J.J.R. Feddes
Format: PDF
Bunker silo wall loads
Authors: J.C. Jofriet, Q. Zhao, D.E. Darby, and H. Bellman
Format: PDF
Drying characteristics of soil in a microwave environment
Authors: D. Vaitekunas, G.S.V. Raghavan, and F.R. Van de Voort
Format: PDF
Effect of potato harvesting injury on post-storage marketability
Authors: G.C. Misener, CD. McLeod, J.R. Walsh, and C.F. Everett
Format: PDF
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