CBE Journal Volume 42 (2000)

Algorithmic recognition of biological objects
Authors: T. Bernier And J..A. Landry
Session name: Information and Computer Technologies
Application of artificial neural networks in image recognition and classification of crop and weeds
Authors: C..C. Yang, S.O. Prasher, J..A. Landry And A. Ditommaso
Session name: Information and Computer Technologies
Comparison of energy inputs for inorganic fertilizer and manure based corn production
Authors: N.B. Mclaughlin, A. Hiba, G.J. Wall And D.J. King
Session name: Power and Machinery
Dehydration dynamics of potatoes in superheated steam and hot air
Authors: S. Cenkowski, J.E. Dexter And M.G. Scanlon
Session name: Bioprocessing Engineering
Grain conditioning for dehulling of canola
Authors: J.A. Ikebudu, S. Sokhansanj, R.T. Tyler, B.J. Milne And N.S. Thakor
Session name: Bioprocessing Engineering
Instantaneous young's modulus of ice from liquid manure
Authors: S. Godbout, L. Chénard And A. Marquis
Session name: Structures and Environment
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