CBE Journal Volume 43 (2001)

A fuzzy controller for infrared roasting of cereal grain
Authors: R.B. Brown, T.M. Rothwell And V.J. Davidson
Identifier: c0004
A machine vision system for grading lentils
Authors: M.A. Shahin And S.J. Symons
Identifier: c0019
Computer modelling of insect-induced hot spots in stored wheat
Authors: S. Mani, W.E. Muir, D.S. Jayas And N.D.G. White
Identifier: c9925
Development of a hydrology multimedia courseware
Authors: F. Delombaerde, C.A. Madramootoo And B. Mehdi
Identifier: c0016
Development of an eight-panelist single port, forced-choice, dynamic dilution olfactometer
Authors: J.J.R. Feddes, G. Qu, C.A. Ouellette And J.J. Leonard
Identifier: c9905
Effect of hydrogen sulphide emissions on cement mortar specimens
Authors: A.F. Idriss, S.C. Negi, J.C. Jofriet And G.L. Hayward
Identifier: c9921
Effects of pressure reduction rate on vacuum cooled lettuce quality during storage
Authors: T.J. Rennie, C. Vigneault, G.S.V. Raghavan And J.R. Deell
Identifier: c0116
Evaluation of a computer-controlled ventilation system for a potato storage facility
Authors: D.S. Jayas, D.A. Irvine, G. Mazza And S. Jeyamkondan
Identifier: c0005
Heat penetration into small rectangular alfalfa/bromegrass bales for insect disinfestation
Authors: A. Opoku, S. Sokhansanj, W.J. Crerar, G.J. Schoenau And H.C. Wood
Identifier: c0027
Humidity control for swine buildings in cold climate - Part I : modelling of three control strategies
Authors: M. Lambert, S.P. Lemay, E.M. Barber, T.G. Crowe And L. Chénard
Identifier: c0037
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