CBE Journal Volume 45 (2003)

A comparison of halogen and incandescent infrared lamps for piglets
Authors: S. Godbout, H. Guimont, A. Marquis And C. De Foy
Identifier: c0236
A modified air pycnometer for compost air volume and density determination
Authors: J.M. Agnew, J.J. Leonard, J. Feddes And Y. Feng
Identifier: c0241
Design and development of a grain kernel singulation device
Authors: S. Melvin, C. Karunakaran, D.S. Jayas And N.D.G. White
Identifier: c0223
Design and performance of a swine finishing barn for production and manure research
Authors: A.J. Campbell, T.A. Van Lunen, J.A. Macleod, D. Hurnik And G. Linkletter
Identifier: c0201
Effect of dietary fiber incorporation on the characteristics of pregnant sows slurry
Authors: D.I. Massé, F. Croteau, L. Masse, R. Bergeron, J. Bolduc, Y. Ramonet, M.C. Meunier-Salaà¼N And S. Robert
Identifier: c0210
Evaluation of apple pulp and peanut butter as alternative bunker silo covers
Authors: P. Savoie, M. Bernier.Roy, M..L. Pedneault And A. Amyot
Identifier: c0243
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