Development of automated surface irrigation

Authors: Pohjakas, K.
Description: The popularity of surface irrigation is decreasing, mostly because of high wages and the difficulty of obtaining suitable help. Even graded fields that formerly were irrigated by surface methods are being irrigated by sprinklers. This change has resulted from technological advances that have been made in the development of sprinkler systems. The traditional requirement of labor for irrigation is being replaced by large capital expenditures for automatic sprinkler systems. This trend indicates that more research and development are required to auto mate surface irrigation more fully so that it can compete with other methods of irrigation.
Keywords: development of automated surface irrigation
Citation: Pohjakas, K. 1972. DEVELOPMENT OF AUTOMATED SURFACE IRRIGATION. Canadian Agricultural Engineering 14(2):72-74.
Volume: 14
Issue: 2
Start page number: 72
End page number: 74
Date: 1972
Coverage: Canada
Located in: Volume 14 (1972)