CBE Journal Volume 46 (2004)

Artificial drying of corn stover in mid-size bales
Authors: P. Savoie And S. Descôteaux
Identifier: c0418
Carbon dioxide production and deterioration of stored canola
Authors: C. Pronyk, W.E. Muir, N.D.G. White And D. Abramson
Identifier: c0409
Classification of cereal grains using a flatbed scanner
Authors: J. Paliwal, M.S. Borhan And D.S. Jayas
Identifier: c0335
Comparison of different rice milling methods
Authors: S. Afzalinia, M. Shaker And E. Zare
Identifier: c0244
Comparison of five models for setback distance determination from livestock sites
Authors: H. Guo, L.D. Jacobson, D.R. Schmidt, R.E. Nicolai And K.A. Janni
Identifier: c0338
Comparison of two neural network architectures for classification of singulated cereal grains
Authors: N.S. Visen, D.S. Jayas, J. Paliwal And N.D.G. White
Identifier: c0316
Drying of macerated lucerne hay in Australia
Authors: D.L. George, M.L. Gupta And F.G. Sinon
Identifier: c0309
Effects of four annual applications of manure on black chernozemic soils
Authors: B.A. Assefa, J.J. Schoenau And M.C.J. Grevers
Identifier: c0403
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