Concentration -temperature relationships of atmospheric gaseous contaminants

Authors: Brannigan, P.G. And J.B. Mcquitty
Description: A laboratory study has been reported by Brannigan and McQuitty (2) on the influence of ventilation on the distribution and dispersal of atmospheric gaseous contaminants under confined conditions. An environmental chamber in which facilities were installed for the simulation of sensible heat and gas production of pigs was used in their experiments. One of the variables considered was heat condition involving an isothermal and a non isothermal state. The variable
Keywords: concentration -temperature relationships of atmospheric gaseous contaminants
Citation: Brannigan, P.G. and J.B. McQuitty 1972. CONCENTRATION -TEMPERATURE RELATIONSHIPS OF ATMOSPHERIC GASEOUS CONTAMINANTS. Canadian Agricultural Engineering 14(1):37-41.
Volume: 14
Issue: 1
Start page number: 37
End page number: 41
Date: 1972
Coverage: Canada
Located in: Volume 14 (1972)