Performance of tile drains under irrigation in Southern Alberta

Authors: Rapp, E. And G. E. Laliberte
Description: In an irrigated environment, rile drains are often used to protect the soil and crop against the detrimental effects of high water tables, surface waterlogging, and salinity. The amount of water and salts removed by such drains is important in evaluating their effectiveness in reclaiming a problem area and in maintaining favorable soil conditions.The performance of tile drains under irrigation is dependent on a multitude of complex interrelation ships of soil-water hydrology. Major factors influencing the quantity of water to be drained are the amount of water applied to the land and the amount of seepage water into and out of the affected area. The characteristics and variability of the soil and subsoil materials also affect drain performance.
Keywords: performance of tile drains under irrigation in southernalberta
Citation: Rapp, E. and G. E. Laliberte 1968. PERFORMANCE OF TILE DRAINS UNDER IRRIGATION IN SouthERNAlberta. Canadian Agricultural Engineering 10(2):64-69.
Volume: 10
Issue: 2
Start page number: 64
End page number: 69
Date: 1968
Coverage: Canada
Located in: Volume 10 (1968)