Automatic rain shelter for small outdoor plots

Authors: Dubetz, S., Thurston, E. W. And H. J. Bergen
Description: Precise control of water application is desirable in many irrigation studies. Under field conditions, differences otherwise obtainable from various irrigation schedules are often negated by rainfall. Results obtained from controlled conditions in a green house or growth chamber cannot al ways be projected safely to field conditions because of differences in soil volumes involved and in climate. This gap that exists between experiments conducted in a controlled environment and those in the field can be largely overcome by sheltering field plots from rains. Stansell and Sparrow (2) devised a battery-operated, automatic shelter. Fletcher and Maurer (1) built a plastic-covered shelter that was partially automatic. In 1966 a shelter was constructed at Lethbridge that was:
Keywords: automatic rain shelter for small outdoor plots
Citation: Dubetz, S., Thurston, E. W. and H. J. Bergen 1968. AUTOMATIC RAIN SHELTER FOR SMALL OUTDOOR PLOTS. Canadian Agricultural Engineering 10(1):40-41.
Volume: 10
Issue: 1
Start page number: 40
End page number: 41
Date: 1968
Coverage: Canada
Located in: Volume 10 (1968)