CBE Journal Volume 47 (2005)

Airflow measurement in passively aerated compost
Authors: S. Yu, O.G. Clark And J.J. Leonard
Identifier: c0502
An overview of dielectric properties measuring techniques
Authors: M.S. Venkatesh And G.S.V. Raghavan
Identifier: c0231
Assessing the hydraulic conductivity beneath clay-lined earthen manure storages
Authors: R. Sri Ranjan, K. Manokararajah And C. Wiebe
Identifier: c0312
Classification of bulk cereals using visible and nir reflectance characteristics
Authors: L.A. Mohan, C. Karunakaran, D.S. Jayas And N.D.G. White
Identifier: c0321
Cold climate hydrological flow characteristics of constructed wetlands
Authors: E. Smith, R. Gordon, A. Madani And G. Stratton
Identifier: c0317
Compression of fractionated sun-cured and dehydrated alfalfa chops into cubes: pressure and density models
Authors: P. Adapa, G. Schoenau, L. Tabil, S. Sokhansanj And A. Singh
Identifier: c0434
Density profile of corn silage in bunker silos
Authors: L. D'Amours And P. Savoie
Identifier: c0435
Development of field-scale soil organic matter content estimation models in eastern Canada using airborne hyperspectral imagery
Authors: Y. Uno, S.O. Prasher, R.M. Patel, I.B. Strachan, E. Pattey And Y. Karimi
Identifier: c0406
Drying of feverfew (tanacetum parthenium l.)
Authors: H.M. Tanko, D.J.Carrier, S. Sokhansanj And T.G. Crowe
Identifier: c0519
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