An analysis of tractor purchase costs and efficiencies

Authors: Southwell, P. H.
Description: Tractors are the source of mobile power for the agricultural industry, and it is important to remember that power means rate of work. In step with progress in the technology of design and production, it is pertinent to occasionally appraise the cost of power supply to farming. This may be expressed by three values. Firstly, the purchase cost, that is, the capital cost per unit of potential power. Secondly, the operating cost: in which overall efficiency (and thus fuel used per acre worked) is a major item. Thirdly, the cost per unit weight: since tractors are essentially processed raw materials and weight is a factor affecting tractive efficiency. The data presented in this paper is the result of analyses of the relationship between cost and performance which were carried out in the 1962 and 1966 seasons for one region of this continent, namely, Southern Ontario. The three considerations enumerated above were developed as five parameters, as follows: 1. capital cost per pto horsepower, 2. capital cost per drawbar horsepower, 3. relative engine efficiency, 4. tractor con version efficiency, and 5. capital cost per unit weight. In each year, calculations were made for all the tractors offered in the region for which University of Nebraska Test data were available that is, 61 tractors in 1962 and 79 tractors in 1966.
Keywords: an analysis of tractor purchase costs and efficiencies
Citation: Southwell, P. H. 1968. AN ANALYSIS OF TRACTOR PURCHASE COSTS AND EFFICIENCIES. Canadian Agricultural Engineering 10(1):33-37.
Volume: 10
Issue: 1
Start page number: 33
End page number: 37
Date: 1968
Coverage: Canada
Located in: Volume 10 (1968)