Measuring irrigation water losses through border dykes

Authors: Pohjakas, K.
Description: In border dyke irrigation systems some of the irrigation water is lost through and below dykes and it be comes unavailable to the crop. If these losses are not accounted for in the research work an error of unknown magnitude enters into the consumptive use, irrigation efficiency, etc., calculations. Small experimental plots surrounded by the dry land present an extreme condition where border losses may become relatively important in total water use calculations. A sampling program was designed and con ducted to provide data which made it possible to calculate border losses from the gravimetric soil moisture determinations.
Keywords: measuring irrigation water losses through border dykes
Citation: Pohjakas, K. 1965. MEASURING IRRIGATION WATER LOSSES THROUGH BORDER DYKES. Canadian Agricultural Engineering 7(1):28-29.
Volume: 7
Date: 1965
Coverage: Canada
Located in: Volume 7 (1965)