Drying grain with unheated air

Authors: Moysey, E.B. And D.H. Wilde
Description: Unfavourable weather in occasional years makes it difficult and sometimes impossible to harvest the prairie gram crop at a moisture content that is safe for long term storage. Severe situations occur at least every ten years and in some parts of the prairie provinces, more frequently. In such problem years there are periods when the farmer could thresh his grain in a tough condition, at a moisture content between 14.5 and 17 per cent, but there is always the inclination to wait for better weather. Sometimes the situation gets worse instead of better and the grain must be harvested in the damp condition or left in the field until spring. The longer the grain lies out, the greater is the loss, not only in actual bushels but in weight per bushel and in grade. It is not uncommon to lose two or three grades when harvest is interrupted by a prolonged spell of wet weather.
Keywords: drying grain with unheated air
Citation: Moysey, E.B. and D.H. Wilde 1965. DRYING GRAIN WITH UNHEATED AIR. Canadian Agricultural Engineering 7(1):12-13.
Volume: 7
Date: 1965
Coverage: Canada
Located in: Volume 7 (1965)