Development and use of farm building standards

Authors: Downing, C.G.E.
Description: Farm buildings have been a very necessary part of most agricultural enterprises in Canada. Those constructed in the early days of settlement in Eastern Canada were built very sturdily. Timber had to be cleared to make way for field operations and there was, therefore, an abundance of large timbers which were used quite liberally for purlins, posts, beams and rafters. The foundations and stable walls of buildings in many areas were two or three feet in thickness of stone masonry. It was a good place to deposit the surface stones from the land as it was cleared. The barns were used primarily to house dairy and beef cattle with a few stalls for horses. The buildings in the prairie areas of Western Canada were quite different from those built in Eastern Canada. They were much lighter in construction and there were very few with stone masonry walls. The barns were built primarily to house horses with a few stalls for dairy cows.
Keywords: development and use of farm building standards
Citation: Downing, C.G.E. 1965. DEVELOPMENT AND USE OF FARM BUILDING STANDARDS. Canadian Agricultural Engineering 7(1):5-6.
Volume: 7
Date: 1965
Coverage: Canada
Located in: Volume 7 (1965)