CBE Journal Volume 48 (2006)

Magnetic resonance imaging studies to determine the moisture removal patterns in wheat during drying
Authors: P.K. Ghosh, D.S. Jayas, M.L.H. Gruwel And N.D.G. White
Identifier: c0528
Performance evaluation of common grain drills in Iran
Authors: S. Afzalinia, M. Shaker And E. Zare
Identifier: c0552
Production and distribution of cereal straw on the canadian prairies
Authors: S. Sokhansanj, S. Mani, M. Stumborg, R. Samson And J. Fenton
Identifier: c0556
Pulsed electric field assisted juice extraction from alfalfa
Authors: T.K. Gachovska, M.O. Ngadi And G.S.V. Raghavan
Identifier: c0546
Quality of extracted sea buckthorn seed and pulp oil
Authors: S. Cenkowski, R. Yakimishen, R. Przybylski And W.E. Muir
Identifier: c0508
Removal of hydrogen sulfide from gas streams using biological processes - a review
Authors: M. Syed, G. Soreanu, P. Falletta And M. Béland
Identifier: c0436
Sensitivity analysis of a phosphorus index for Québec
Authors: L. Beaulieu, J. Gallichand, M. Duchemin And L.E. Parent
Identifier: c0529
Simulating effects of mern and other bmps on subsurface drainage water quality and crop yield in Southern Ontario
Authors: K. Mckague, R.P. Rudra, S.I. Ahmed, B. Gharabaghi And J.R Ogilvie
Identifier: c0526
Simulation of nitrate loss in tile flow for central canadian conditions
Authors: N.A. Mclaughlin, R.P. Rudra And J.R. Ogilvie
Identifier: c0438
Study of salt removal with evaporation drainage method
Authors: M.M. Abu.Zreig, Y. Abe And H. Isoda
Identifier: c0541
Thermal balance of invessel composting of tomato plant residues
Authors: A.E. Ghaly, F. Alkoaik And A. Snow
Identifier: c0516p
Thermal conductivity and thermal diffusivity of timothy hay
Authors: A. Opoku, L.G. Tabil, B. Crerar And M.D. Shaw
Identifier: c0515
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