CBE Journal Volume 49 (2007)

An assessment of odour emissions from land applied swine manure
Authors: E. Smith, R. Gordon, A. Campbell And C.P.A Bourque
Identifier: c0703
Effect of natural windbreaks on maximum odour dispersion distance (modd)
Authors: X.-J. Lin, S. Barrington, J. Nicell And D. Choinière
Identifier: c0609
Feed prediction and management software for beef feedlots
Authors: N.D. Dyck, T.G. Crowe, J.J. Mckinnon And H.R. Ingleby
Identifier: c0610
Indirect airflow distribution measurement method for horticultural crop package design
Authors: C. Vigneault, L.R. De Castro, B. Goyette, N.R. Markarian, M.T. Charles, G. Bourgeois, E. Tang Line Foot And L.A.B. Cortez
Identifier: c0548
Measurement of odour and greenhouse gas emissions in two swine farrowing operations
Authors: Q. Zhang, X.J. Zhou, N. Cicek And M. Tenuta
Identifier: c0537
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