CBE Journal Volume 51 (2009)

Moisture and temperature distribution in cattle mortality composting on the farm
Authors: M. Genaille, Y. Chen And V. Doan
Keywords: composting, carcass, cattle, temperature, moisture, liner, static, soil, carbon, amendment.
Identifier: c0731
Nonuniform microwave heating of ready-to-eat chicken pies
Authors: A. Manickavasagan, D.S. Jayas And R. Vadivambal
Identifier: c0804
Osmotically dehydrated microwave vacuum drying of carrots
Authors: V. Changrue And And V. Orsat
Identifier: c0713
Physical properties of organo-mineral fertilizers - short communication
Authors: Maxime Charles Paré, Suzanne Edith Allaire, Lotfi Khiari And Cargèle Nduwamungu
Identifier: c0826
Preliminary study of surface temperature distribution during microwave heating of cereals and oilseed
Authors: R. Vadivambal, D.S. Jayas, V. Chelladurai And N.D.G. White
Identifier: c0806
Safe storage guidelines for canola as the seeds slowly dry
Authors: G. Sathya, D.S. Jayas And N.D.G. White
Identifier: c0808
Spoilage characteristics of field pea under adverse storage conditions
Authors: S. Dadgar, L. G. Tabil, W. J. Crerar And R. A. A. Morrall
Identifier: c0634
Testing a nonlinear model for simulating the time of seedling emergence of wheat
Authors: H. Wang, H. Cutforth, P.R. Bullock, R.M. Depauw, T. Mccaig, G. Mcleod, K. Brandt And G.J. Finlay
Identifier: c0817