CBE Journal Volume 52 (2010)

Development of laboratory studies on the off-gassing of wood pellets
Authors: Tumuluru, J.S., X. Kuang, S. Sokhansanj, C.J. Lim, T. Bi, And S. Melin
Keywords: wood pellets, off-gas, gas chromatography, moisture content, durability, pellet density, bulk density, storage temperature.
Identifier: C0823
Effect of manure type, application rate, and application method on odours from manure spreading
Authors: J. Agnew, C. Lague, J. Schoenau, J. Feddes And H. Guo
Keywords: odour emissions, liquid manure, solid manure, surface application, injection
Identifier: C1034.pdf
Estimating vertical soil water fluxes with tracers and time domain reflectometry (tdr) in a sand column under controlled labo
Authors: S.A. Kreba And C.P. Maule
Keywords: soil water flux, time domain reflectometry, tracer method, soil column
Identifier: C0907
Factors contributing to single yarn entanglement around a cardan joint rotating at high speed
Authors: Xu, J., A. Kroeker And D.D. Mann
Keywords: power take-off, entangle, joint angle.
Identifier: C0912
Harvesting natural willow rings with a bio-baler around Saskatchewan prairie marshes
Authors: Philippe Savoie, Frédéric Lavoie, Luc D'Amours, William Schroeder And John Kort
Keywords: harvest, woody crop, brush, shrub, bale, biomass.
Identifier: C0825
Hemp fibre decortications using a planetary ball mill
Authors: M.L. Baker, Y. Chen, C. Lague, H. Landry, Q. Peng, W. Zhong And J. Wang
Keywords: hemp, decortication, ball mill, fibre, core, yield, grinding, speed, duration.
Identifier: C1035
Measurement of avian embryo respiration by an indirect calorimetric system
Authors: J.A. Hamidu, J.J.R. Feddes, C.A. Ouellette And G.M. Fasenko
Keywords: avian embryo, co2 analyzer, differential o2 analyzer, respiratory quotient
Identifier: C0903
Modelling of inactivation of geobacillus stearothermophilus spores exposed to superheated steam
Authors: D.S. Head And S. Cenkowski
Keywords: modelling, spores, inactivation, geobacillus stearothermophilus.
Identifier: C0908
Persistence of livestock source odours (technical note)
Authors: C.A. Ouellette, J.C. Segura And J.J.R. Feddes
Keywords: animal odour origin, persistence, concentration, odour intensity
Identifier: C0704
Qualité de l'air dans les bâtiments pour l'élevage de veaux de lait
Authors: Belzile, M., S. P. Lemay, S. Godbout, C. Côté Et J. Lavoie
Keywords: air quality, gas emissions, milkfed calf, ammonia.
Identifier: C0911
Relationship between air and media temperature in frequently irrigated containerized nursery plants
Authors: M. Gheysari, A. Garcia Y Garcia And G. Hoogenboom
Keywords: containerized crops, temperature, moisture, ornamental crops, irrigation, media, pot
Identifier: C1013
Relationship between odour intensity and concentration of n-butanol
Authors: J.C. Segura And J.J.R. Feddes
Keywords: odour dispersion models, reference odour, n-butanol
Identifier: C0708
Short-term storage conditions for transport and farm delivery of the stink bug perillus bioculatus for the biological control of the colorado potato beetle
Authors: Y. De Ladurantaye, M. Khelifi, C. Cloutier And T. A. Coudron
Keywords: storage, temperature, photoperiod, colorado potato beetle, chemical insecticides, alternative, biological control, perillus bioculatus.
Identifier: C0814
Waste management of typical livestock mortalities in Canada: an overview of regulations and guidelines
Authors: B.A. Cleary, R.J. Gordon, R.C. Jamieson And C.B. Lake
Keywords: livestock mortality, disposal, burial, compost, provincial regulations
Identifier: C0707.pdf
Water requirements and subirrigation technology design criteria for cranberry production in Quebec, Canada
Authors: A. Elmi, C. Madramootoo, P. Handyside And G. Dodds
Keywords: cranberries, peat soils, available water, irrigation water requirements, crop evapotranspiration, reference evapotranspiration
Identifier: C0906