Quantification of soil macroporosity and its relationship with soil properties

Authors: S.N. Asarc. R.P. Rudra, W.T. Dickinson and A. Fenster
Description: Image analysis was used to estimate macroporosity (pores ~ 0.54 mm in diameter) of undisturbed soil columns obtained from a field under no-till for 5 years. A high resolution x-ray Image Intensifier (XRII)-based CT scanner was used to investigate soil macroporosity at different depths in the soil column. Total macroporosity in the Aand Bhorizons averaged 3.70 and 1.94%, respectively, and was consistently lower in the B-horizon. The relative contributions of macroporosity to the total porosity in the A and B horizons were 7.76 and 4.92%, respectively. There was a statistically significant decreasing trend of macroporosity through the combined A and B horizon depth (0 - 400 mm) and in the A horizon (depth 0 - 200 mm), but not in the B-horizon (depth 200 - 400 mm). Saturated hydraulic conductivity correlated significantly with the total macroporosity of the Aand the B horizons, within the A horizon, bulk density also significantly correlating with total macroporosity. Keywords: bulk density, computer tomography, image analysis, macroporosity, hydraulic conductivity, no-till.
Citation: S.N. Asarc. R.P. Rudra, W.T. Dickinson and A. Fenster 1999. QUANTIFICATION OF SOIL MACROPOROSITY AND ITS RELATIONSHIP
WITH SOIL PROPERTIES. Canadian Agricultural Engineering 41(1):23-34.
Volume: 41
Issue: 1
Publisher: Canadian Society for Bioengineering
Date: 1999
Type: Text.Article
Format: PDF
Coverage: Canada
Language 1: en
Rights: Canadian Society for Bioengineering
Located in: Volume 41 (1999)