CBE Journal Volume 60 (2018)

Effect of conditioning treatment parameters of cellulases solution on milling characteristics of brown rice
Authors: Zhang, Q., N. Liu, M. Tu and S. Wang.
Keywords: Brown rice, cellulases, head rice yield, milling energy consumption, breaking force.
Mots-clés: Riz brun, cellulases, rendement en grains sans bris, consommation d’énergie pour la mouture, force de bris.
Format: PDF
Identifier: C18377
Predicting the Impact of Drainage Ditches upon Hydrology and Sediment Loads Using KINEROS 2 Model: A Case Study in Ontario
Authors: Gupta, A.K., R.P. Rudra, B. Gharabaghi, P. Daggupati, P.K. Goel and R. Shukla.
Keywords: Drainage network, modeling, KINEROS 2, watershed
Mots-clés: réseau de drainage, modélisation, KINEROS 2, bassin.
Format: PDF
Identifier: C18387
Soil bin tests and discrete element modeling of a disc opener
Authors: Steven E. Murray and Ying Chen
Keywords: Angle, DEM, disc, disturbance, force, soil.
Mots-clés: Angle, DEM, disque, déplacement du sol, force, sol.
Format: PDF
Identifier: C18347
Sustainable re-use of dairy cow manure as bedding and compost: Nutrients and self-heating potential
Authors: J. Ackerman, E. Khafipour and N. Cicek.
Keywords: Dairy, bedding, manure solids, self-heating, phosphorus, nitrogen, separation, compost.
Mots-clés: Production laitière, litière, solides de lisier, chauffe, phosphore, azote, séparation, compost.
Format: PDF
Identifier: C18365
The importance of real-time visual information for the remote supervision of an autonomous agricultural machine
Authors: Ivan Panfilov, I. and Danny D. Mann
Keywords: Autonomous agricultural machines, visual information, automation interface, remote supervision.
Mots-clés: Machines agricoles autonomes, information visuelle, interface d’automation, supervision à distance.
Format: PDF
Identifier: C18372