Submission instructions

Initial Submission

After having followed the instructions in "Preparing a paper for submission to the journal" to prepare the paper, you are now ready to submit the paper.

Submission by online portal

You must register first to be able to submit.  Please select the author, reader, and reviewer options along with all the keywords that describe your expertise. You don't need to be a member of the CSBE or to be registred on CSBE's website (csbe-scgab.ca) to submit a paper. You need to create a new account on the Canadian Biosystems Engineering portal to submit a paper.

You can submit the paper as a "Microsoft Word" or PDF file. At this stage, the figures may be embedded in the paper, but at the final stage (publication stage) the electronic form should have the figures and tables as separate files for each item. There must be a covering letter giving the full address, the telephone number, the fax number, and the email address of the corresponding author. The corresponding author should be someone who expects to be at that address for at least the next twelve months. You also must include a list of at least five potential peer reviewers. These reviewers must be from outside the authors' employment organizations.

When the paper has been accepted for publication, you will have to submit an electronic version. The electronic version will have to be submitted as a "Microsoft Word" file. In this version, figures and tables should be on separate pages at the end of the manuscript which is uploaded as a single file. The figures should be in JPG format, alternately original prints of figures can be submitted. The file should include line numbers. The electronic version may be submitted online here.

Galley Proofs, Copyright, and Costs

Galley proofs will be sent as a pdf file via email. Please read the galley proof carefully and reply immediately.

Page charges

Page charges are $55 per journal page for the first 4 pages and $80 for each additional page, if at least one author is a member of CSBE/SCGAB, otherwise the page charges are double. If the abstract needs to be translated into French or English, the cost of translation will be assessed according to the word count of the abstract. Reprints may be ordered at a cost of $0.16 per printed page (minimum of 25 copies of a paper).


Journal Editor

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