Extraction and comparison of properties of jackfruit seed oil and sunflower seed oil

Authors: Ganesh Babu, Nandhitha ; Kumar, Srikala ; Sundar, Swetha
Description: The objective of the study is to extract oil from jackfruit seeds and compare its properties with that of sunflower oil. The oil was extracted by milling the jackfruit seeds. The jackfruit seed oil was used as a medium for frying potato chips. The frying properties were compared to that of milled sunflower oil. The potato chips were analysed for their sensory properties. The chips were evaluated by a team of 20 semi-trained panellists who graded the samples on a 5-point Hedonic scale. The sensory attributes included texture, aroma, flavour, colour, taste and overall acceptability. The results revealed that the texture and colour of the potato chips fried in jackfruit seed oil were similar to those which were fried in sunflower oil. The jackfruit seed oil was also tested for its physicochemical properties such as Acid value, Iodine value, Peroxide value and Saponification value. The results were 3.51, 14.15, 0.954 and 251 respectively. The free fatty acid was estimated to be 1.35g/100g. The peroxide value of the oil was found to be lower than that of sunflower oil.

Index terms- Extraction, Milling, Physicochemical Properties, Fatty acids, Anti-oxidants, Saturated fat, Gluten-free, Frying, Drying.
Keywords: Extraction, Milling, Physicochemical Properties, Fatty acids, Anti-oxidants
Conference name: CSBE/SCGAB 2018 Annual Conference, School of Engineering, University of Guelph, Guelph, Ontario, July 22-25 2018.
Session name: Poster Session
Publisher: Canadian Society for Bioengineering
Date: 2018-07-22
Publication type:
  • Technical conference
Type: Text.Article
Identifier: CSBE18104
Coverage: Canada
Language 1: en
Rights: Canadian Society for Bioengineering
Located in: AGM Guelph (2018)

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