Simulating the pollutants loads in stream water using hspf model for a watershed in Southern Ontario

Authors: Ahmed, I, R Rudra, B Gharabaghi, M Peacock, J Dai
Description:  One of the most important issues related to source water protection from non-point pollution sources and nutrient management is the seasonal and spatial variability of hydrologic processes and climatic conditions on landscape units and watersheds. This modeling study focuses on calibration of Hydrologic Simulation Program €“ Fortran (HSPF) for water budgeting and then simulating pollutants loads for the Wilmot Creek watershed in Southern Ontario. The model is calibrated and validated using historic precipitation and stream flow prior to application of the model to evaluate the effect of land uses on nutrient concentrations/loads (sediment, nitrogen, and phosphorus). The calibration results showed a good comparison between the observed and the HSPF simulated monthly stream flow with the R2 and Nash-Sutcliffe (NS) values of 0.81 and 0.79, respectively. The model has been applied to simulate sediment and pollutant loads in stream flow, and the HSPF simulated results will be compared with the previously collected observed data from the province. It is anticipated that results of the modeling study will be helpful in managing the water resources in Ontario.
Keywords: water quality, watershed scale, computer modeling
Session name: Soil and water
Date: 2012-07-10
Identifier: CSBE12134
Coverage: Canada

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