Pullen mill natural constructed pool and weir fish passage project

Authors: Baumer, Dj
Description: The Pullen Mill Fish Passage project is a natural constructed pool and weir fishway to provide fish passage primarily for alewives around the remnants of an old mill dam on the West Branch of the Sheepscot River in South China, Maine.  A pool and weir fishway was designed to bypass around the dam restriction.  The design incorporated existing topographic, geological, and soil features to provide a fishway constructed primarily from existing on site materials.  Basic pool and weir fishway design principles were used to located and size the fishway.  The design also had to incorporate the site access limitations and types of construction equipment that could be used.  This paper will discuss the Pullen Mill Fish Passage project from design through construction and the first year of operation monitoring.
Keywords: natural, constructed, pool and weir, fish passage
Technical field: technical_fields_app3
Session name: Ecological engineering
Date: 2012-07-17
Identifier: CSBE12099
Coverage: United States of America

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