Steady-state model for ammonia removal from swine facility air with a cross-flow biotrickling filter: calibration and validation

Authors: Martel, M, S Lemay, B Predicala, M Girard, M Belzile, J Feddes, S Godbout
Description: Although mathematical modelling of biological methods for waste air treatment has been widely studied, application of biotrickling filter models to the treatment of swine facility air is still very limited. Thus, a steady-state model that describes the behaviour of a cross-flow biotrickling filter in removing ammonia from the air exhausted from pig barns was developed. The model depicts the fate of ammonia in the gas phase, liquid phase and biofilm of the system as it is absorbed from the air to the trickling liquid, diffuses from the liquid phase to the biofilm, and is degraded in the biofilm by the microorganisms. This study specifically deals with the calibration and validation of the model. The model calibration and validation were performed using different sets of data collected from the six pilot-scale biotrickling filters, which were treating waste air from bench-scale pig chambers. The data utilized were the results of the six separate trials (where each trial lasted for seven weeks) carried out in these air treatments units at various operating conditions. The complete results of the calibration and validation will be presented in the full paper.
Keywords: mathematical model, calibration, validation, biotrickling filter, ammonia removal, swine facility air
Technical field: technical_fields_app1
Session name: Biological systems
Date: 2012
Identifier: CSBE12126
Coverage: Canada

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