Cfd modeling of liquid-liquid two phase flow in biodiesel production

Authors: Adewale, P, M Ngadi
Description: The understanding of most transesterifcation reactors performance is a great challenge due to the multifaceted liquid-liquid reaction mixture that is affected by mass transfer, reaction kinetics and component solubility. In this study a CFD model in COMSOL 4.2a to have insight to the liquid-liquid flow regime observed in the reaction medium would be developed. There are two possible approaches that can be used to study phase interactions and phase separation of immiscible liquid droplets in other liquid: Eulerian-Eulerian and Lagrangian particle tracking method. Eulerian-Eulerian model is chosen because it is suitable for cases where the volume fraction of the dispersed phase is high and widely varies. The geometry of the tubular reactor for this model is of diameter 15 mm and length 4 m. The dispersed droplets diameter is assumed to be 0.05mm. The flow phenomenon would be model in 2D to monitor the volume of fraction of dispersed and continuous phase at strategic positions in the reactor.
Keywords: cfd, multiphase flow, transesterification
Technical field: technical_fields_app5
Session name: Information technology
Date: 2012
Identifier: CSBE12117
Coverage: Canada

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