Engineering partnerships for dam safety

Authors: Hazzard, C-L, J Cayley, R Robb
Description: A unique collaborative effort between industry and conservation organizations is developing out of the shared commitment to the critical issue of public safety around dams. Over the last century, data has shown that the primary threat to human life associated with dams is NOT the failure of a dam, but rather, poor choices by individuals with respect to their personal safety at or near dams. On August 24th, 2011 the Province of Ontario (lead by the Ministry of Natural Resources) released new guidance with respect to best practices" to provide guidance to dam owners in the Province for ensuring the ongoing safety of dams and public safety while engaging in activities around dams and water control structures. A diverse group of organizations representing owners of dams of all sizes in Ontario has precipitated some unexpected exciting partnerships. Ducks Unlimited Canada is Canada"""
Keywords: conservation, wetlands, dam safety, water control, partnerships,
Technical field: technical_fields_app2
Session name: Building and structures
Date: 2012
Identifier: CSBE12112
Coverage: Canada

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