Airflow in broiler houses for salmonella risk reduction: measurements and simulations

Authors: Montas, H, J Timmons, G Felton, E Mallinson
Description: Airflow measurements performed at litter level and at one meter in height, along longitudinal transects, inside broiler houses of the Eastern Shore of Maryland, are presented and compared to the results of numerical simulations. The simulations are performed by solving the steady-state, k-epsilon form of the Reynolds-Averaged Navier-Stokes (RANS) equations, in 3-D, using Taylor-Hood tetrahedral elements. Areas of low airflow velocities, that are potential hot spots for Salmonella, are identified from measurements and simulations, and possible strategies for remediating them are investigated. The potential of Ventilation Regime Management (VRM), and other techniques, to eliminate Salmonella hot spots, uphold broiler health, and increase house productivity is discussed based on these results.
Keywords: finite elements, food contamination, poultry production, building ventilation
Technical field: technical_fields_app1
Session name: Biological systems
Date: 2012
Identifier: CSBE12109

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