Analysis of groundwater contamination with nitrate using gleams: case study

Authors: Mohammadi, K, M Afsharasl, A Liaghat
Description: A field experiment was conducted during the summer season of 2004 at agricultural research station, University of Tehran, karadj, Iran to study effect of different management system on nitrate leaching in sandy loam soil. In this study, the transport and fate of nitrate within the soil profile and nitrate leaching to out of root zone, were analyzed by comparing historic field data with the simulation result of the GLEAMS model. The model was used to simulate the performance of the nitrogen transport. In the analysis continues cropping with corn was assumed. Comparison between experimental measured and simulated state variable indicate that the nitrate concentration in the soil and nitrate leaching out of root zone are controlled by the field management practices. These practices include nitrate application rate, timing, type of fertilizer and irrigation practices. Comparison between observed data and simulated result conclude that, GLEAMS model after calibration is a useful tool to optimize nitrate application rate, resulting for the environment in an acceptable level. At the end because of GLEAMS's weakness at result presentation, GS+ Software was used.
Keywords: environment, fertilizer, groundwater, gleams,nitrate leaching
Technical field: technical_fields_app7
Session name: Soil and water
Date: 2012
Identifier: CSBE12102
Coverage: Canada

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