A logistics roadmap for biomass in Saskatchewan

Authors: Agnew, J, D Sampson
Description: The overall goal of this project is to identify the biomass supply chain for dedicated energy crops and agricultural residues. There is potential to significantly reduce our use of fossil fuels by utilizing biomass sources but the collection, processing, and transportation of bulky biomass materials needs to be optimized so they can be delivered to the biorefinery in a cost-effective manner. The study resulted in a detailed literature review outlining the potential yields and locations of biomass sources in Saskatchewan, agronomic factors for growing dedicated energy crops in Saskatchewan, and an analysis of the harvesting, collection, processing, densification, and transportation of biomass material. The presentation will outline the results of several case studies used to identify the most economical way to produce and transfer biomass material from the field to the factory.
Keywords: biomass logistics, production, collection, harvesting, transportation, processing, torrefaction, densification
Technical field: technical_fields_app9
Session name: Waste management
Date: 2012
Identifier: CSBE12101
Coverage: Canada

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