Effects of process parameters on densification of rice husk at medium and low die pressures

Authors: Bakari, M, M Ngadi
Description: Although rice husk, like many other waste biomass are abundant and have high calorific value, there is a major issue for utilizing them as fuel because of their low bulk density, low energy and difficulty in handling. Densified rice husk in the form of pellets or briquettes using binding agents will make rice husk an attractive bioenergy feedstock. In this experiment rice husk was densified at medium pressures to produce pellets and at low pressure to produce briquettes using gum arabica (acacia), groundnut shell, Afzelia Africana aril (de-oiled) and paraffin wax as binders. The effects of process parameters (binder type, binder ratio, pressure, moisture content) on the density and water anti-permeability of the densified rice husk were studied.
Keywords: rice husk densification gum arabica groundnut shell paraffin wax afzelia africana
Technical field: technical_fields_app9
Session name: Waste management
Date: 2012
Identifier: CSBE12090
Coverage: Canada

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