Influence of pre-drying on oil distribution fractions in fried batter coating

Authors: Rahimi, J, M Ngadi
Description: Pre-drying has recently been used as a technique to decrease oil content of fried foods. The objective of this study was to evaluate the effect of initial moisture content of batter coating, when adjusted by pre-drying, on the surface, penetrated and total oil content of batter coating. A batter system with 65% wb initial moisture content was prepared, and it was pre-dried to three other moisture contents namely 60, 55, and 50% wb. Batter models were deep fried at 180
Keywords: batter coating, pre-drying, deep-frying, fat distribution
Technical field: technical_fields_app4
Session name: Food and bioprocess engineering
Date: 2012
Identifier: CSBE12083
Coverage: Canada

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