Gaseous emissions from agricultural biomass combustion: a modeling approach

Authors: Fournel, S, S Godbout, M Heitz
Description: Previous researches have revealed that gaseous emissions differ significantly according to the combustion technology used and the characteristics of the biomass burned. In order to quantify atmospheric emissions from agricultural biomass combustion under different conditions, a prediction model based on fuel composition will be established. To do so, the model requires a detailed description of the thermochemical processes involved during biomass combustion. However, most technical articles on simulating combustion systems aim at optimizing design or operation, not predicting emissions. Moreover, these publications do not present the complete procedure from global equations to final models assuming that readers are skilled with mathematical models. Therefore, the objective of this paper is to give some clues about biomass combustion modeling to predict emissions at farm scale. The paper will present the existing mathematical models, an analysis of their approach and the requirements to achieve a successful prediction model.
Keywords: combustion, emission, gas, agriculture, biomass, modeling
Technical field: technical_fields_app2
Session name: Building and structures
Date: 2012
Identifier: CSBE12071
Coverage: Canada

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