Microwave-assisted extraction of phenolic compounds from blueberry leaves

Authors: Routray, W, V Orsat
Description: Blueberry is one of the most popular North American fruit, principally well-known for nutrition and also for its health beneficial effects, which can be attributed to its content of anthocyanins and other polyphenolic compounds. The presence of phenolic components in blueberry fruits has been widely reported but the characterisation and quantification of phenolic components in other parts of the plant has been sparsely reported for the North American blueberry cultivars. Use of microwave assisted extraction for analysis and quantification of phenolic components can aid for this purpose and make the process more efficient. Microwave assisted extraction of phenolic components was conducted at various combinations of power levels and times of application. The effect of these operating parameters was analysed in terms of total phenolic content and total anthocyanin content. Based on the analysis, further modification in the experimental model for optimisation was planned.
Keywords: phytochemicals, extraction, extract quality, nutraceutical
Technical field: technical_fields_app4
Session name: Food and bioprocess engineering
Date: 2012
Identifier: CSBE12064
Coverage: Canada

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