Odorant emissions from the storage and combustion of agricultural biomasses

Authors: Palacios, Jh, Rf El Cadhi, S Godbout, L Potvin, F Pelletier
Description: Actions against global warming have allowed the development of new fuels from renewable sources such as agricultural biomasses for direct combustion. However, emerging biomasses are susceptible to create social concerns e.g. unpleasant odour emissions producing cohabitation issues. The present study aims (1) to explore the potential of agricultural biomass to create discomfort and problems related to odour emissions during storage and direct combustion and (2) to develop a method for sampling and measuring odours emissions at these conditions. Three agricultural biomasses were tested: switchgrass, willow and dried solid fraction of pig manure. Emissions from wood were also measured for comparison purposes. Odours were measured from a small-scale set-up which simulating closed biomass storage. On the other hand, each biomass was burned in a 17kW multi-fuel pellet burner and released gases were sampled at the chimney for odour analysis. All odour samples were analyzed by dynamic olfactometry in accordance with European Standard NF-EN-13725 (2003). Results showed that, at the storage, the odour emission and the hedonic tone of the agricultural biomass evaluated are not significantly different than wood emissions. Similarly, at the direct combustion tests, even if the odour resulting from the solid fraction of pig manure was the most noticeable and the least pleasant, agricultural biomass are not significantly different than wood. According to the results obtained in this study, storage, handling and burning of agricultural biomass do not cause olfactory trouble larger than wood practices. Thus, in terms of cohabitation, exploitation of biomass for energy production is feasible.
Keywords: agricultural biomass, odour emission, combustion
Technical field: technical_fields_app1
Session name: Biological systems
Date: 2012
Identifier: CSBE12054
Coverage: Canada

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