Biomass particle size measurement in one, two and three dimensions

Authors: Pilon, G, P Savoie, M-A Robert, S Mani
Description: Various uses of lignocellulosic biomass require particle size specification, notably for length and shape. The traditional method for length characterization is mechanical sieving. However, recent studies have shown that biomass density, sample preparation, sieving time and vibration frequency can influence results. Since September 2010, nine different willow biomass sources have been accumulated they include chopped, crushed and shredded particles of various nominal lengths between 20 and 100 mm. Samples are being analysed using three laboratory sieving systems: the ASABE system for forage particles, the Porta-Screen
Keywords: biomass, particle, size, image analysis, sieving, shape
Technical field: technical_fields_app8
Session name: Standards
Date: 2012
Identifier: CSBE12046
Coverage: Canada

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