Compost vessel with heat recovery and heat redistribution

Authors: Jamaleddine, E, Og Clark
Description: Considering the present push towards greener waste management strategies, composting is once again a hot topic amongst Ecological Engineers. Uniform composting conditions are necessary to ensure the destruction of pathogens and uniformity of the finished product, so it is essential to maintain a homogeneous temperature throughout the compost. A composting vessel is being prototyped to accomplish this. The vessel includes a heat redistribution system and a heat recovery system. Neither system requires external inputs of energy, but exploits the principles of conductive and convective heat exchange. Once composting generates temperature differentials within the compost bed, changes in buoyancy cause water to flow through a closed coil of metal tubing, redistributing the core heat throughout the compost. Heat is also conducted along the metal tubing. A controlled experiment was conducted to test the design, demonstrating that the vessels fitted with the heat redistribution system exhibit lower temperature gradients within the compost than in control vessels without the system. The heat recovery system is a single-pass, counter-flow heat exchanger that recovers heat from the warm air exiting the top of the vessel, warming the inlet air which is drawn into the aeration plenum at the bottom of the barrel. The purpose of the heat recovery system is to reduce heat losses while replenishing the oxygen supply in the compost. The design and preliminary results will be presented.
Keywords: compost, waste management, organic waste, organic waste recycling, heat exchanger, heat recovery
Technical field: technical_fields_app9
Session name: Waste management
Date: 2012
Identifier: CSBE12037
Coverage: Canada

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