Effect of maceration, tedding and windrow handling sequence on hay drying

Authors: Morissette, R, P Savoie
Description: Intense conditioning of hay, commonly named  maceration ", crushes and shears the plant to increase water evaporation potential. A haymaking experiment compared six conditioning treatments after mowing: a control without conditioning, a single tedding, a double tedding, a single maceration, a double maceration, and finally a single maceration followed by tedding the next day. Hay was sampled regularly three times per day to measure moisture content (MC). The experiment was repeated three times in first and second cutting of a predominantly grass crop. During the first cutting, a single maceration operation was enough to reach 16 % MC after a 2.5 days of field drying. During the second cutting, the double maceration treatment produced the lowest MC of 21 % after 2 days of field wilting. Machinery operating time and energy consumption data as a function of treatment sequence are presented in the paper."""
Keywords: hay drying, haymaking machinery, maceration, tedding, moisture content, energy
Session name: Machinery
Date: 2012
Identifier: CSBE12035
Coverage: Canada

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