Uncertainty in spatial modeling of soil test phosphorus

Authors: Boluwade, A
Description: In this study, two approaches will be used to assess the variability and uncertainty of soil Phosphorus (P) on the 11km2 Castor Watershed in Southern Quebec, Canada. On one hand, the ordinary kriging (OK) technique will be used for estimation of the soil test phosphorus (STP). OK is based on the concept of estimation using the magnitude and weights of neighboring points. On the other hand, the sequential Gaussian simulation technique (SGS) will be used to simulate both the local and global uncertainties in the observed values. Statistical methods such as the exceedance probability will be utilized to examine the level of risk and vulnerabilities of P loss in the watershed. Overall this study would be a contribution to knowledge in the reduction of P load into Missisquoi Bay, Canada. In addition, the results could be very relevant in nutrient use efficiency, classification of management zones in form of polygons, adaptive agricultural management practices and optimization of Phosphorus-Index for land-use and ecosystem management.
Keywords: ordinary kriging, sequential gaussian simulation, soil test phosphorus, p-index, uncertainty
Technical field: technical_fields_app5
Session name: Information technology
Date: 2012
Identifier: CSBE12028
Coverage: Canada

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