In field fuel consumption and engine wear of a diesel tractor using straight vegetable oil fuel

Authors: Schaufler, D, C Julius
Description: Vegetable oil is an alternative internal combustion engine fuel that may be grown and processed safely on the farm. This fuel may be used in some diesel engines with select modifications. Different types of vegetable oil (canola, sunflower, soybean) produce different effects on the engine over the short and long terms. Common expectations when vegetable oil is used as an engine fuel are lower engine power, higher fuel consumption, and engine deposits resulting in lower engine efficiency or engine failure. A New Holland 135 kW (180 HP) agricultural tractor has been operated at Penn State Farm Operations on straight vegetable oil fuel for 3 years and accumulated about 1700 hours. Fuel consumption testing was done in the field during this time with inline fuel monitoring. Various tasks were done with this instrumentation in place and showed no difference in fuel consumption between petroleum diesel fuel and straight vegetable oil. At the end of this testing the tractor was returned to New Holland for engine inspection. The results of this fuel consumption testing and engine inspection will be shared during this presentation.
Keywords: vegetable oil, fuel, svo, tractor, fuel consumption
Session name: Machinery
Date: 2012
Identifier: CSBE12023

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