The use of evapourative cooling panels in tie stall dairy barns

Authors: House, H, V Kristo
Description: Tunnel Ventilation has been used extensively in Ontario to cool cows in tie stall dairy barns. During extreme hot weather tunnel ventilation does not always provide the amount of cooling needed to maintain milk production. Adding evaporative cooling panels is one option to improve cooling. A trial was conducted in a tie stall dairy barn with tunnel ventilation and an evaporative cooling panel in the summer of 2011. Data loggers were used to record temperature and humidity both inside and outside the barn through the hottest summer period. The dairy temperature-humidity index was used to analyze the effectiveness of the cooling system. This paper describes this trial, and how effective the evaporative cooling panel was on cooling the cows and maintaining milk production. It also describes challenges with the operation and maintenance of the evaporative cooling panel, and the application of evaporative cooling panels to other forms of dairy housing.
Keywords: dairy, cooling, evaporative, panels, tie stall
Technical field: technical_fields_app2
Session name: Building and structures
Date: 2012
Identifier: CSBE12019
Coverage: Canada

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