7-steps to solving noise nuisance complaints about stationary farm equipment

Authors: Fraser, H
Description: Noise is unwanted sound. Although rural areas are generally quiet, farmers live in a competitive world and modern farms sometimes have to use noisy stationary equipment. Some neighbours might not like the noise they produce. When rural noise problems aren’t resolved, they can result in poor neighbour relationships. Ontario farms are covered under The Farming and Food Production Protection Act (FFPPA), 1998 which deals with nuisances of noise, odours, dust, light, vibration, flies and smoke. The FFPPA protects farmers against noise nuisance complaints by neighbours, but only if the farmers are following normal farm practices. This Factsheet provides background information on noise from stationary farm equipment, Best Management Practices (BMPs) to reduce possible nuisance for neighbours, and a 7-step process for investigating, mediating and solving noise nuisance complaints before they escalate to a hearing of the Normal Farm Practices Protection Board.
Keywords: agricultural noise, nuisance, normal farm practice, sound barrier, sound absorber
Session name: Machinery
Date: 2012
Identifier: CSBE12014
Coverage: Canada

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