Development and modification of a direct passive solar dryer

Authors: Alonge, Af, Ao Omoniwa
Description: An improvised direct passive solar dryer was designed and constructed using locally available materials.It was designed to ensure that the angle of tilt can easily be varied from time to time. The dryer was constructed and tested under the no load condition. It was set at an optimum angle of tilt as calculated for the various days and a maximum temperature of 540C was obtained for the total duration of three days. A maximum ambient temperature of 34oC was obtained outside the dryer for equal duration. Also a load test was carried out using the dryer to dry Cassava chips at an optimum angle of tilt. Maximum temperatures of 55oC and 36oC were obtained inside and outside the dryer respectively. The initial weights if the Cassava dried both inside and outside the dryer were 1000g respectively. The final weight inside the dryer is 400g and final weight outside dryer was 470g. The final moisture content of chips dried inside the dryer is 11% (wet basis) while that of those outside the dryer is 12.5 % (wet bases). The total drying time for the Cassava chips inside the dryer is 32hrs while chips dried outside the dryer took 38 hours. The results of the percentage moisture loss inside the dryer were compared with the percentage moisture loss outside the dryer, and the percentage moisture loss inside the dryer was found to be higher. The total cost of production of the dryer was about $500
Keywords: solar, passive, development, moisture, dryer, cassava
Session name: Machinery
Date: 2012
Identifier: CSBE12013
Coverage: Nigeria

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