Some engineering properties of coconut relevant to its cracking

Authors: Alonge, Af, Ao Folorunso
Description: Coconut seed (cocos nucifera L.) is a tropical plant that is grown in temperature between 200C and 250C. As part of steps towards the development of processing and handling equipments for the seeds, some engineering properties such as size, sphericity, roundness, volume, surface area, density, coefficient of friction against different materials and compression tests were studied. Major diameter varied from 13.23cm to 10.14 cm with a mean value of 11.21cm, surface area varied from 5986mm2 to 4621mm2, the seed volume varied from 706cm3 to 435cm3, with an average density of 1.043kg/m3. The coefficient of friction is 0.531 for glass, 0.431 for plywood and 0.436 for galvanized steel.
Keywords: properties, coconut, cracking, friction, engineering
Technical field: technical_fields_app4
Session name: Food and bioprocess engineering
Date: 2012
Identifier: CSBE12012
Coverage: Nigeria

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