AGM Winnipeg 2000

Stress fields in soil with impact loading
Authors: K. Sharifat And R.L. Kushwaha
Session name: Lectures AFL108 to AFL126
Identifier: AFL117
The effect of seeding rate on fibre tensile strength
Authors: T. Belsham, Y. Chen And M. King
Session name: Lectures AFL118 to AFL146
Identifier: AFL119
The force requirement for pulling and threshing chick pea pods
Authors: M. Behroozi-Lar And J. Khazaei
Session name: Posters AFP216 to AFP378
Identifier: AFP369
The sask pork chair in environmental engineering for the pork industry
Authors: C. Lagu
Session name: Lectures AFL098 to AFL110
Identifier: AFL101
Water management in flood control and drainage systems in Bangladesh
Authors: N.A. Akhand
Session name: Thematic Session AFL189 to AFL213
Identifier: AFL202
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