AGM Winnipeg 2005

Stress relaxation characteristics of dried hydrogel cellular solids
Authors: J. Sundaram And T.D. Durance
Session name: Drying, Separation & Composites
Identifier: CSBE05028
Study of soil profile by a single sweep
Authors: J. Liu And R. L. Kushwaha
Session name: Agricultural Machinery
Identifier: CSBE05060
Superheated steam processing of bacterial spores
Authors: D. Zmidzinska, S. Cenkowski And G. Blank
Session name: Value Added Processing
Identifier: CSBE05011
Superheated steam: its not just about drying
Authors: C. Pronyk, S. Cenkowski, And W.E. Muir
Session name: Value Added Processing
Identifier: CSBE05009
Surface irrigation adapted to dairy wastewater land spreading
Authors: I. Ali, S. Barrington, R. Bonnell, And J. Martinez
Session name: Waste Management
Identifier: CSBE05093
The influence of harvest time on levels of bioactive compounds in sea buckthorn berries
Authors: S.D. St. George And S. Cenkowski
Session name: Food Processing
Identifier: CSBE05086
Thermal convection coefficient measuring device for variable speed moving particle
Authors: Z. Zhao, C. Vigneault, N. Wang, And B. Goyette
Session name: Instrumentation & System Development
Identifier: CSBE05040
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