AGM Edmonton 2006

Management practices for swine manure in the canadian prairies region
Authors: Subrata Karmakar, Claude Lagu
Session name: POSTERS
Identifier: CSBE06223
Mathematical simulation of batch dryers for shrinkable biological materials
Authors: C. Ratti And G.H. Crapiste
Session name: POSTERS
Identifier: CSBE06206
Mechanical properties of biopolymer binder from sarcan recycled plastic & flax fiber
Authors: S.Panigrahi,K.Barghout,B.S. Panigrahy,P.Chang
Session name: Structures & Bio-Composites
Identifier: CSBE06163
Mesure system to determine the methane emission from a pig manure pit
Authors: Fr
Session name: Odour & Greenhouse Gases
Identifier: CSBE06177
Microwave and hybrid technologies in meat preservation
Authors: Ignaci Victoria Thiagarajan, Dr.Venkatesh Meda, And Dr.Phyllis Shand
Session name: Food & Bio-Products
Identifier: CSBE06136
Microwave drying - a promising alternative for herb processing industry
Authors: K. Kathirvel, K. Ramachandra Naik, Yvan Gari
Session name: POSTERS
Identifier: CSBE06212
Microwave drying of enriched mango fruit leather
Authors: G. Pushpa, P. Rajkumar, Y. Gari
Session name: POSTERS
Identifier: CSBE06208
Modeling agroecosystems as complex adaptive systems
Authors: Nathaniel Newlands
Session name: Modeling Material and Energy Flows Through Agro-Ecosystems
Identifier: CSBE06300
Modeling surface and subsurface nitrogen transport in an agricultural watershed
Authors: Sh.Dayyani,S.Prasher,Ch.Madramootoo,A.Madani
Session name: Soil & Water
Identifier: CSBE06144
Modeling watershed hydrology using hspf for Southern Ontario
Authors: I. Ahmed, A. Singh, R. Rudra, H. Patel, S. Das, And B. Gharabaghi
Session name: Soil & Water
Identifier: CSBE06154
Modelling of the phenolic compounds penetration during smoking of cheese
Authors: Stefan Cenkowski And Arnie Hydamaka
Session name: Food & Bio-Products
Identifier: CSBE06139
Modelling the ammonia concentration in swine barns using a two-control volume approach
Authors: E.L. Cortus, S.P. Lemay, E.M. Barber
Session name: Odour & Greenhouse Gases
Identifier: CSBE06171
Near-infrared spectroscopy: application in grain industry
Authors: C.B. Singh, J. Paliwal, D.S. Jayas, N.D.G. White
Session name: Food & Bio- Products
Identifier: CSBE06189
Network analysis of grain bulk pore structure using high resolution x-ray computed tomography images
Authors: S. Neethirajan, D. S. Jayas
Session name: Grain Storage
Identifier: CSBE06122
Nitrogen mass balance in a biofilter processing swine odour
Authors: A. Armeen, J. Feddes, R. N. Coleman, J. Leonard
Session name: Odour & Greenhouse Gases
Identifier: CSBE06179
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