The potential of millet flour in bakery products

Authors: Orsat, V., R. Murugesan
Description: Bakery products account for a major part of the processed food industry. Bakery products are usually made with wheat flour, due to its unique functional characteristics to develop a gluten network when mixed with water. This gluten formation is essential in producing bread products and the quality of these bakery products largely depends on the wheat quality. It is possible to replace the wheat flour in bakery products to a certain degree by using other cereal grains such as millets for improved nutrition and reduced gluten content. Results from our lab indicate poor performance in bread substitution while rather promising results were obtained in cake making. An increase in the millet concentration in bread dough decreased the baking performance of the dough and the higher millet incorporated bread was found to be hard and scored a lower value in the sensory evaluation. Similarly the higher millet incorporated cakes were also found to be hard, however the overall acceptability of millet cake was found to be higher in the sensory evaluations. The results presented in this research are useful for the development of nutritious bakery products using millets.
Technical field: Bioprocess Systems Engineering
Conference name: CSBE/SCGAB 2015 Annual Conference, Edmonton, AB, 5-8 July 2015.
Session name: Poster
Citation: Orsat, V., R. Murugesan. 2015. The potential of millet flour in bakery products. CSBE/SCGAB 2015 Annual Conference, Edmonton, AB, 5-8 July 2015.
Publisher: Canadian Society for Bioengineering
Date: 2015-07-05
Publication type:
  • Poster
Type: Text.Article
Identifier: CSBE15099
Coverage: Canada
Language 1: en
Rights: Canadian Society for Bioengineering

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