AGM Edmonton 2006

Fermentative hydrogen production from organic waste
Authors: Brandon Gilroyed
Session name: POSTERS
Identifier: CSBE06220
Greenhouse gas abatement cost of renewable energy technologies in Alberta
Authors: Jason Luk And Amit Kumar
Session name: POSTERS
Identifier: CSBE06209
Hemp and flax fiber based composite profiles for construction industries
Authors: A.C. Tripathy, V.M. Meda, S.Panigrahi
Session name: Odour & Greenhouse Gases
Identifier: CSBE06168
Hydro gel polymer effects on available water capacity and percolation of sandy soils at al-hassa, saudi arabia
Authors: Faisal I. Zeineldin And Yousef Y. Aldakheel
Session name: Agricultural Production
Identifier: CSBE06203
Identifying seed vigor tests for optimum yield and quality of new pulse crops
Authors: Sheri Strydhorst, Ken Lopetinsky, Mark Olson, Jillian Kaufmann And Jane King
Session name: POSTERS
Identifier: CSBE06217
Imaging morphological details and starch granule surface differences of durum wheat using atomic force microscopy
Authors: S. Neethirajan, D. J. Thomson, D. S. Jayas, And N. D. G. White
Session name: Machinery Systems
Identifier: CSBE06190
Impact of slope position on snowmelt runoff quality from a small closed-catchment in an agricultural landscape
Authors: Priyashantha, K.R.S., J.A. Elliott, And C.P. Maule
Session name: Soil & Water
Identifier: CSBE06159
Impact of sulphate levels in swine drinking water on manure nutrients and emissions
Authors: Bernardo Predicala, John Patience, Erin Cortus, Robert Fengler
Session name: Animal Welfare & Production
Identifier: CSBE06183
Improvement management of irrigation by modern system
Authors: Sina Besharat, Shadi Dayyani
Session name: Soil & Water
Identifier: CSBE06160
In situ measurement of nitrate concentration using time domain reflectometry
Authors: M. Krishnapillai And R. Sri Ranjan
Session name: Soil & Water
Identifier: CSBE06158
Influence of physico-chemical parameters of jackfruit bulbs on chips quality
Authors: S.L. Jagadeesh, Laxminarayan Hegde, G.S.K. Swamy, B.S. Reddy, Kiran Kumar Gorbal, N. Basavaraj, G.S.V. Raghavan
Session name: POSTERS
Identifier: CSBE06216
Interaction of particle size, moisture content and compression pressure on the bulk density of wood chip and straw
Authors: Mozammel Hoque, Shahab Sokhansanj, Tony Bi, Sudhagar Mani, Jim Lim, Ladan Jafari. M Afzal
Session name: Renewable Energy & Bio-Fuels
Identifier: CSBE06100
Issues and challenges in implementing the tmdl for delaware's inland bays
Authors: William F Ritter
Session name: Soil & Water
Identifier: CSBE06157
Livestock odour dispersion modeling: a review
Authors: H.Guo, Z. Yu, C. Lague
Session name: Odour & Greenhouse Gases
Identifier: CSBE06170
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